South Bank Academies and its Schools are governed by a Board of Directors with the overall responsibility for the Multi Academy Trust. The Board is supported by an Audit Committee.

The Board appoints the School Advisory Boards to provide local Governance for each School. Each School Advisory Board has its own link governors in different specific areas, which currently are Pupil Premium, Special Education Needs (SEN), Curriculum, Employment Engagement, Safeguarding, HR/Health & Safety and Parental Engagement. The School Advisory Boards meet six times in Academic Year. In addition, the link governors make a minimum of two school visits in an academic year.

Each link governor engages actively with their School through school visits and undertaking specific Governance tasks to support the School Advisory Board and the Principal. For more information on our Governance please contact Alexander Enibe, who is the Clerk to the Academies by clicking here

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association outline the rules about how South Bank Academies Trust must be run. Please click here to download.

 Membership of the Board and Sub-Committees:

(2017/18) Board Member Role Meetings Attended Out of  a Possible
Nicole Louis Chief Executive Officer 3 3
Dave Phoenix (Chair until 22-3-2018) Vice Chancellor LSBU 5 5
Adam Crossley (Resigned 19-7-2018) Independent Non-Executive Director, Skanska 2 4
Douglas Denham St Pinnock Independent Governor, LSBU 4 5
James Stevenson University Secretary, LSBU 3 5
Rao Bhamidimarri (Retired 16-4-2018) Chief Executive Officer, Vice President LSBU 3 3
Richard Flatman Interim Chair of the Board 3 5
Richard Parrish (Resigned 18-10-2018) Independent Non-Executive Director, Principal Archbishop Tenison's High 3 5
Steve McGuire (Resigned 27-9-2018) Independent Non-Executive Director, Essentia 0 1
Tony Giddings Independent Non-Executive Director, Argent 2 4
Lesley Morrison Independent Non-Executive Director, Former Principal Lambeth Secondary 2 5


Previous years:

Board Member Role Meetings
Out of a possible 
Dave Phoenix Chair of the Board, Vice Chanellor LSBU 3 5
Adam Crossley Independent Non Executive Director, Skanska 1 4
Douglas Denham St Pinnock Independent Governor, LSBU 3 4
James Stevenson University Secretary, LSBU 5 5
Rao Bhamidimarri Chief Eecutive Officer, Vice President LSBU 5 5
Richard Flatman Chief Financial Officer, LSBU 4 5
Richard Parrish Independent Non Executive Director, Head Teacher Archbishop Tenison's High School  0 4
Steve McGuire Independent Non Executive Director, Essentia 2 5
Tony Giddings Independent Non Executive Director, Argent 2 4


Meeting Attendance Register 

2017/18 Audit Committee
Committee Member Number of Meetings Out of a Possible
Richard Flatman (Chair) 5 5
Adam Crossley (Resigned) 1 4
Tony Giddings 4 5
Rao Bhamidimarri (Resigned) 2 2
Nomination Comittee - please note that this committee meets when required. To date this committee has not met.
Dave Phoenix (Chair) 0 0
Douglas Denham St Pinnock 0 0
James Stevenson 0 0
Rao Bhamidimarri (Retired) 0 0
Richard Flatman 0 0
Steve McGuire (Resigned) 0 0
Remuneration Committee - Please note that the remuneration committee is due to be held once/year in November
Dave Phoenix 2 2
Rao Bhamidimarri (Retired) 0 0
Richard Parrish (Resigned) 1 2
Lesley Morrison 2 2
Douglas Denham St Pinnock (Chair) 2 2


Previous years:

Audit Committee
Committee member Number of meetings Out of a possible
Richard Flatman (Chair) 2 2
Adam Crossley 2 2
Tony Giddings 2 2
Rao Bhamidmarri (in attendance)  2 2
Nomination Committee - please note: that this committee meets when required. To date the committee has not met.
Committee Member Meeting attended Out of a possible
Dave Phoenix (Chair)  0  0
Douglas Denham St Pinnock  0  0
James Stevenson  0  0
Rao Bhamidimarri  0  0
Richard Flatman  0  0
Steve McGuire  0  0
Remuneration Committee - please note: the first meeting of the Remuneration Committee is due to take place mid-2017. Thereafter to be held once a year in November.
Committee Member Meeting attended Out of a possible
Douglas Denham St Pinnock (Chair)  0  0
Dave Phoenix  0  0
Rao Bhamidimarri  0  0
Richard Parrish  0  0