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Jul 19, 2017

Trust takes part in LSBU Staff Conference

In June, Prof Rao Bhamidimarri , CEO of Trust, hosted a workshop at the Annual LSBU Staff Conference. The Chief Executive was joined by Ciara Moore, a Year 12 student from our UTC Engineering School, Sacha Taylor and Daniel Edoja, Year 9 students from our Academy UAE South Bank and the SBA robot, Pepper! The session received outstanding comments including “Excellent and inspiring”, “a real eye opener into what we can learn from schools” and “The students are absolutely fantastic”.

The conference was introduced to Pepper the Robot, by the Trust’s Chief Executive. Pepper told conference that she felt a little nervous but went on to give the audience an insight into being at the conference and what it meant to be part of the LSBU family. Prof Rao Bhamidimarri explained: ‘Pepper gives the students an opportunity to learn the skill of coding, which in turn helps Pepper to stretch her vocabulary and functionality’.  Read the report from conference in our latest newsletter here.